Discover mega orgasms that shake your body from self prostate massage. Learn all about prostate pleasure with our tips from a qualifed sexologist.

ie349474The prostate is located in the anus. It is usually about 1 inch in on the top side of the rectum facing the front of the body.

One can wear vinal gloves to touch this area. Note that usually you do not touch any yucky stuff as this is higher up in teh rectum.

Wearing vinal gloves is good for health when playing with the prostate.

One can do a self prostate massage by stimulating the prostate with fingers or with male sex toys.

The best sex toy that allows a hands free massage of the prostate is the aneros

male sex toy. Once this is in place, the anal ring of muscles move the toy accross the prostate.

One can even use this in intercourse with man on top positions.

Self Prostate Massage Tips

Lubrication is a must and must be placed in the anus

next to the prostate. The best way to do this is with a lubricant tube

Relaxation of the anal ring of muscles before insertion of a finger or the aneros is needed so the experince is pleasurable.

I like to press on each side of the anal ring of muscles and hold for 30 seconds.

aneros ice

Take your time to do this. One can also use different size male but blugs to relax the anus.

The breath is important and is covered in this orgasmic guide free guide

There are many prostate massage strokes that one can use. I list over 20 in my 60 page ebook on prostate pleasure.

One can combine penis stimulation and the fleshlight for mega intense orgasms.

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Enjoy playing with your sexual energy.