It is pretty simple to learn to massage your own prostate or male g spot if you follow the simple tips below. Prostate massage can give rise to body shaking orgasms that can be much more intense than the usual male ejaculation orgasm.

Many doctors these days are recommending prostate massage and prostate milking for health reasons too.

First, wash your anal region with warm water and soap. Some men take a bath as this relaxed the pelvic region too.

Next it is a good idea to wear some vinyl or latex gloves on your hands to avoid contact with any nasties. These also feel smooth to touch and can improve the pleasure.

It is good to lie on a towel as this type of massage uses a lot of lub.

The most important tip is to use lots of a water based lubricant on and in the anus. These days one can purchase an anal tub ejector that allows the lub to be placed in the anus next to the prostate gland.

One needs to relax the anal ring of muscles near the anal opening before any insertion. The best way to do this is quite easy if you take your time. Press on each side on the ring for a minute or two. This pressure will allow relaxation in this area.

One good tip is to purchase a few butt plugs of different sizes. After you have done the above tips, start with the smallest size to massage and relax the anus.

More Tips on Prostate Massage

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